Fit Feet – Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief

This four hour workshop delves deep into the amazing capabilities of YOUR feet. We will look at common foot problems and how to alleviate foot and toe pain and deformities. Your feet were designed to carry you through life and we want them to last as long as possible so that as you age you’re less likely to lose function and independence.

Simple exercises and massage techniques will help you to revitalise your feet and keep them healthy for life.

We will look at:
• Plantar fasciitis/fasciosis
• Hammer toes
• Claw toes
• Morton’s Neuromas
• Bunions (big toes) and bunionettes (these are on the little toes)
• Hallux limitus / rigius (pain or restriction in the big toe joint)
• Collapsed arches or over-prontation and supination (outside edge of foot)
• Shin splints / calf tension / Achilles problems.
And more…

You will learn:

• Simple exercises to help realign the bones of your feet and toes.
• Simple movements to help alleviate foot pain.
• How shoes affect your foot function and which shoes are best.
• Whether barefoot or minimalist shoes are for you.
• What are the common causes of foot pain and what to do about it.
• The hereditary bunion myth – it doesn’t matter that your mum, your gran and all your sisters have one, it’s still not genetic!
• When to invest in orthotics and when to stay clear.
• Why buying expensive specialist trainers isn’t the best or only option.
• How to align your body and walk better.
• How the hip strength affects your foot and knee health and vice-versa.

This workshop is taught by Kelly Victoria Thorn, a sports and movement therapist, with a special interest in feet. She suffered for a long number of years with collapsed arches, shin splints and knee pain and was told that she would never run more than 15 miles per week. She has been working on her feet for five years and has developed a programme to help people reduce their foot pain and improve their lives – she also managed to complete various ultra marathons, culminating in the Himalayas 100 mile stage race. It is never too late to improve your feet and as a result your whole body and life.


Sunday 15 April 2018

@Inner Power Pilates, Freedom House, Snowdon Road, Lytham St Annes FY8 3DP
Cost £45


Sunday 25 March 2018

@Yoga Blackpool, 1a Red Bank Road, Bispham FY2 9HN
Cost £45