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My Story…

I came to the Fylde coast via Brisbane and it was in Australia where I started my training as a Fitness Specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and Mat and Apparatus Pilates instructor.  My background as a virtual assistant (someone who had to sit for extended periods of time) for 15 years left me with a whole host of foot, lower leg and hip problems, which took me a very long time to sort out.  At one time my physio and podiatrist both told me that I wouldn’t be able to run more than 15 miles a week (at the time I had collapsed arches, knees that turned in, ‘shin splints’ hip pain, knee pain, foot pain), and given that I like a challenge, I decided to sign up for the Himalayas 100 Mile Stage race. I started running distances up to 40 miles at a weekend and over a year developed the stamina to complete the 100 miles out in the Himalayas and my love of trail running was born.  I have since continued to transition into barefoot shoes (an oxymoron if ever there was one), and have transformed the health of my feet, the shape of my bunions, the strength and flexibility and as a result my running gait has changed so that I can now run pain free (aside from some niggles that I haven’t quite worked out yet).  I introduced strength training and even qualified and competed as a Crossfit Coach – I am one of those people who can’t just do something a little bit, I have to go whole hog 🙂  I’m the same with a packet of biscuits too :/

This passion for running, Pilates, strength training and natural movement, plus my own approaching Third Age stage of life (peri-menopause and menopause), prompted me to focus on women’s health, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction for women approaching, going through or on the other side of menopause.  This time of life for a woman is particularly under-served and women at this stage become more prone to issues associated with stress, anxiety, pelvic floor and other painful conditions, often many of which can be alleviated with simple techniques, mindful movement strategies and lifestyle changes.

I own Inner Power Pilates in Lytham St Annes, a full equipped Pilates studio where I teach Pilates, strength and conditioning, Restorative Exercise and everything else to individuals and small groups.  I also coach women around the areas of exercise for bone health, strength and conditioning for running, running biomechanics, flexibility training, running shoe choice, barefoot running transitioning (why, how and when), post-hysterectomy health, bone health, pelvic floor and other pelvic issues, low back pain and other chronic pain conditions, either in person or virtually via Skype or Facetime.

Qualifications and Experience..

Below is a partial list of everything I’ve done since 2008… I say partial because to list it all would (a) give me carpal tunnel syndrome, (b) potentially bore you to death.


600 hour Classical Pilates Training Programme (studying)
Level 4 Certificate in Instructing Pilates Matwork (studying)
Level 3 Award in Designing Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Programmes
Level 3 Award in Physical Activity (Pilates) and Health Considerations for the Older Adult
Level 3 Award in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bone Health
Pilates Apparatus Studio Induction – 20hrs
Studio Repertoire 1, 2, 3 – 60hrs
Advanced Gait Course – Polestar Pilates
Essential Reformer – Michael King Understanding
Stretching and Flexibility – J Pilates
Intermediate Matwork – Body Control Pilates
Standing Pilates – Body Control Pilates
Studio Pilates Matwork – Studio Pilates International
Level 1 and 2 Reformer – Marie Claire Prettyman

Movement / Fitness / Coaching

Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 – EBFA
MovNat Elements – MovNat
Core Awareness – Liz Koch
Strength and Conditioning Level I – KBT Education
Kettlebell Training Level I and II – Australian Kettlebell Institute
Athlete Support Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Diploma Fitness Specialist – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Crossfit Mobility Trainer
Cert III Fitness  – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Sports Coach Level 3 – Australian Institute of Applied Science
Specialist Biomechanics Coach



The Modern Yogi Immersion – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Sustainable Yoga 2 Day Intensive – Brea Johnson Heart & Bones Yoga
Yoga Alliance 200+hr Yoga Teacher Training, Emily Young Yoga (Vinyasa)

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Coach (currently studying)
Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health (currently studying)
Student member of the UK Health Coaches Association
Studying towards the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Exams & Membership
Third Age – Peri-menopause, menopause and beyond certification (currently studying)
Julie Wiebe – Pelvic Floor Pistons (currently studying)
Optimal Health after Hysterectomy – (currently studying)

Bodywork / Manual Therapy

Gary Carter Anatomy Course (June18-June19)
Cervical Spine Masterclass – John Gibbons
Knee Masterclass – John Gibbons
Shoulder Masterclass – John Gibbons
Hip & Groin Masterclass – John Gibbons
Muscle Energy Techniques  – John Gibbons
Vital Psoas & Glutes Masterclass – John Gibbons
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques – John Gibbons
Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation – John Gibbons
Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation
Level 4 Back Pain Specialist
Sports Massage III and IV
Introduction to the Hendrickson Method
Hendrickson Method – Lower Limb
SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) – Functional Movement Systems

Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise Specialist – Nutritious Movement.
Healthy Foot Practitioner – Nutritious Movement.


Book a Free Discovery Session

You can use the booking system below/opposite to book either an in person or telephone/Skype session with me to discuss your goals and anything else you would like.  Feel free to come along and pick my brain 🙂

In person meetings will be held at Inner Power Pilates, Freedom House, Snowden Road, Lytham St Annes FY8 3DP

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