The female pelvic floor is often misunderstood and when trying to correct problems, we can often create more issues.

A strong pelvic floor helps to keep our organs healthy and prevent incontinence and other pain, but being strong needs to be balances with flexibility. The ability to relax and soften the pelvic floor is also necessary for these muscles.
A healthy pelvic floor needs more than just Kegels or mula bandha practices in yoga.

In this introductory workshop you will learn:

• How to decide whether you have too much tone or too little in the pelvic muscles.
• What to do about both.
• How to distinguish between the different layers of muscles.
• How to strengthen these individual areas.
• How to relax and release the pelvic floor muscles if you’re gripping too tightly.
• How to prevent or improve urinary incontinence.

This workshop is open to all ladies who have a pelvic floor. Although it won’t address individual problems, it will start to give you an insight into how to start to create a healthier pelvis and pelvic floor region for those with problems in this area or those hoping to prevent problems starting in the future.

This workshop is taught by Kelly Victoria Thorn a sports and movement therapist with a special interest in women’s health and pelvic problems. The pelvic floor and it’s many problems is a complex area and so this is an introductory workshop to help you better understand what might be causing your problems and what to do about it.