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REStorative Pilates is a small group class with no upper or lower age limit… the focus is on learning to move well through life. The class follows a system of Pilates and Restorative Exercise movements which will quickly and dramatically influence the way you move. If you’re tired of exercising for the sake of it, in large groups or at the gym, then REStorative Pilates is for you. You will learn how to walk better, what your feet actually do for your body, where your hips should be, what good posture truly is (or more importantly isn’t), and improve your strength, flexibility and stamina in the process. This class is taught by the only two Restorative Exercise Specialists in the North-West, Kelly and Sarah.

Kelly Victoria Thorn

Class Details

The class is taught by Kelly and Sarah.  Kelly is a professional Pilates teacher and Restorative Exercise Specialist, and qualified in sports therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Bone Health (osteoporosis), lower back pain and orthopaedic conditions.  Sarah is a teacher at Inner Power Pilates, a Restorative Exercise Specialist, qualified in Bone Health (osteoporosis) and Yoga.

This class runs on a Tuesday at 1030 with Sarah, Thursday at 1000 with Kelly and Friday at 0930 with Sarah.  The class is held at Inner Power Pilates Studio, Lytham St Annes.  Call me to discuss on 07510 744242.

The class is £7.00 payable on the door or bookable online.

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