Free Your Toes

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It’s about that time of year where it starts to get warm enough for my feet to come out of hibernation.  Granted, they’ve been in minimal shoes all winter and barefoot in the house, garage and garden etc. but they’ve still spent a lot more time shod than they would in warmer weather.  Given where I live there’s not an awful lot of natural terrain with hills, grass etc. But what we do have is a nice long beach with plenty of stones, undulations, soft bits, hard bits, shells and the usual glass, dog crap and other detritus to dodge which, in Blackpool, unfortunately, constitutes natural terrain.

There is, however another major problem I’ve encountered with beach walking.  Picture this, beautiful day, bit breezy, dry sand and me covered in my homemade body butter.  Wind + sand + sticky skin = human doughnut.  Oh well, the pros outweigh the cons.

The pros being a major breakthrough on my foot mobility – I can finally lift my big toes, followed by the second, third, fourth etc. like a really slow and arthritic toe Mexican wave, and then put them back down individually again as well.  I am ever so proud – 18 months ago, I couldn’t move them at all!