We really have no excuse for the amount of time we spend sitting in chairs, on sofas, at the dining table, at the office, in the car, on a bike or even on the toilet.  All of these wonderful inventions that make our lives far too comfortable are robbing us of our ability to get to and from the floor with ease as our joints seize up into a chair-shaped posture.  This video will explain why we need to practice getting to and from the floor, why we should consider floor sitting as a better option than lounging on our favourite couch and test your ability to get to and from the floor with no support – how do you fare on the test?

If you’re a runner and you don’t like stretching, then spending time on the floor will stretch and mobilise your hips, knees, ankles, feet and spine without you having to do much more than get down there, watch a few of your favourite TV shows, move yourself around as your body prompts you when you get uncomfortable in one position and hey presto! more movement.

I think most of you know that this is an issue very close to my heart. Sitting on the floor is free, it’s easy, you have all the equipment you need and if you do it on a regular basis, you will – as with anything else – get better at it. What getting better at sitting on the floor means is that you get better at bending your joints through different ranges of motion (think mobility and flexibility), you get stronger and more resilient as you have to get to and from the floor, and you have to use more of your muscles and body parts to support your own weight rather than simply outsourcing your movement to a piece of furniture…

Consider this – IF you are sat there watching/reading this and thinking, crikey, I am exhausted when I get in at night, all I can think about is sitting on the sofa and staring at another screen… that is NOT NORMAL! Your body is designed to move frequently and in my different ways throughout the whole day. It was never meant to spend a lot of time stationary doing nothing. If you’re that fatigued and exhausted by your daily activities (unless you have a manual job outside in nature), then there is something you need to address in your daily life and with your stress levels.
If you do incorporate more movement (NOT exercise) into your daily life, you will feel more energised, less fatigued, and more able to move more and more… Despite being a Pilates teacher with a Pilates studio, my goal is to keep you moving well to live your life full of vitality, strength and to age gracefully, with your own hips and knees. Forcing your body to sit for hours a day, to wear shoes that limit your ability to feel and sense your environment, and to be so stressed from being busy that the words ‘add more movement into your life’ make you want to cry, then perhaps consider addressing those again free aspects that you have control over – nutrition, sleep, rest and recuperation, reducing how much you exercise (I know, weird concept, right?), and getting some self-care in… floor sitting is an easy way to move your body without adding too much to the ongoing stresses and strains that we all go through during a normal working week.

The video below is the full sit to stand test.  Consider your marks out of ten now and where you want them to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years time!