Bunion Workshop

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Sunday 10 March 10-1

My next workshop is dedicated to bunions and will be held at Inner Power Pilates at Sunday 10 March 2019 from 10-1.  If you can’t make the workshop book in for an individual session with me instead.

Bunions, and their little toe sisters (bunionettes), whether you have them already, are developing them or wish to avoid them, this Fit Feet Bunion Workshop is for you.

Bunions are a painful and unsightly foot condition that affects a large majority of the population, both young (I’ve seen teenagers with them), and old. Unfortunately we are led to believe that they’re genetic or a normal part of ageing, but this is not the case. Bunions are entirely preventable if you put the work in.

Common foot complaints like over pronation, fallen arches, weak foot, hip and lower leg muscles, muscular imbalances and certain shoes will compromise the alignment of the foot causing various problems including bunions.

In this workshop you will learn how to strengthen the feet, align the foot, leg and hip appropriately and techniques to help improve or prevent bunions and the associated pain.

Come away from this workshop with:

  • A clear understanding of what a bunion is and how it is formed.
  • Lots of easy exercises to strengthen the feet and the toes to prevent a bunion or stop it worsening.
  • A better understanding of how shoes affect the functioning of your feet, legs and hips.
  • How to align your feet and legs to better distribute weight across your feet and prevent pressure on the big toe joint.
  • Added bonus: by strengthening your feet and aligning your feet, legs and hips, you’ll potentially reduce knee, hip, back and neck pain too!

Not sure whether you have a bunion developing?  Take a look at your feet, especially the big toe.  If the big toe follows the angle of its corresponding bone in the foot, then your toes are aligned.  If the toe veers off towards the other toes and/or you have a bony prominence on the joint, then you are potentially developing a bunion.

Below is a YouTube Playlist I’ve put together dedicated to healthy feet and bunions.  Click the top right button on the video to see the full list or visit my YouTube Channel for more.

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