Is your Pelvis Way Ahead of You?

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Many of my students come to me with the same issues, foot, knee, hip and back problems, pain or discomfort.  One of the main things they have in common with each other is their pelvis alignment.  I’ve had some blokes come in and their pelvis is that far ahead of them it’s essentially opened the door, said hello and taken a seat before the person it’s attached to has even got out of the car in the car park… I jest, but only slightly.

If you come to my Pilates Movement Workshops you’ll know all about how far in front of us our pelvises manage to get. Allowing your pelvis this amount of freedom leaves your spine without support, upsets your knees and generally causes allsorts of havoc.  Get your pelvis under control, back up your hips over your ankles, weight in your heels and give your body its central support base back.

Below is a video from Barbara Loomis AKA The Alignment Monkey showing how you can check your alignment at home.  Check out more from Barbara here.

Below that is a video of me talking about lower body alignment.

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