Correct Toes

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Correct Toes are a wonderful innovation by Dr Ray McClanahan of North-West Foot and Ankle.  By spreading the toes, when active, Correct Toes can relieve foot pain from bunions, plantar fasciosis & crooked toes.  They’ve been an integral part of my foot health programme over the last several years.  The video below describes how the foot should work, the posture deforming attributes of modern footwear, and how this product can help many different foot problems.

Orthotics have their place, particularly when the body is in pain and the foot has been identified as a potential contributor.  In certain situations where foot problems have gone beyond any hope of conservative correction, then orthotics might be something that are needed for life.  For most people, however, strengthening the feet, aligning the foot, ankle, knee, hip and pelvis etc. can eventually mean that you can wean yourself off an orthotic.

Correct Toes, however, are not like an orthotic.  They’re not there to support the foot.  In fact, quite the reverse, they’re more like a brace for the teeth, over time the Correct Toes will reposition the bony structures of the foot, aligning the toes, spacing them appropriately and as a result improving the function of the foot.  They even come with slits in the silicon between the big and little toes so that you can add some spacing material to create even more space between the toes over time.

Like anything else, transitioning to more minimal shoes and to wearing Correct Toes takes time and effort.  They’re not the ONLY thing you need to do – it’s not a magic bullet.  You still need to do the work, be active whilst wearing them and address an imbalances and weaknesses present in the foot and lower leg.

If you are suffering from foot and lower limb problems then Correct Toes might be the answer, but they’re not right for everyone.  You can test them out with me at the studio or in clinic and you can by Correct Toes direct from me, either at the studio or clinic for a small discount.

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