Outdoor Kitchen

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It’s about that time of year when Blackpool starts to see the odd evening of warmer weather. This conveniently coincides with mine and BBE’s urge to get the hell outside.  Outdoor cooking is very much back on the agenda now that we have an actual outdoor space to use.

Our first #OutdoorKitchen evening was an enormous success, with pizza cooked on the bbq (yep! pizza)…

step 1. Pour wine, open beer.

step 2. Take low table outside.

step 3. Grab everything you might need (empty fridge (if fridge already empty go to t’shop)) and find something to squat on.

step 4. Squat to prep everything (except kneading dough. Note to self; squatting and kneading makes me fall over backwards). Leave dough in sun to proof.

step 5. Top up wine and fetch BBE a beer.  Make fantastic pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and black pepper.

step 6. Construct epic pizza.

step 7. BBE demonstrates primal-paleo-man-fire-bbq-prowess.

step 8. Eat fresh outdoor-home-made pizza in the sun.